Part 1:  Notification Settings

Notification sound: Choose from a variety of sound styles.

Part 2: Admin/Merchant Notification

Yelo Notification is sent to the customer/merchant for the event that occurs that throughout the order journey, starting from order placed to order delivered.

  1. Tags: tags are the ones that fetch information from the back-end and update the same in the notifications that are sent to the customer. Every respective notification already has available tags, you can click on the insert tag drop down and select your respective tag and that specific information is displayed in the notification.
  2. You can move those tags around the text format that you want to put in your notification to customize the SMS, Email as per your need.

Note: When you scroll down to the bottom of the notification Settings you can the template of the thermal printer as per your need.

Note: In case you make a mess playing around with tags, you always have a chance to reset your email/SMS/notification template to default settings using the reset button provided in the above screenshot

Part 2: Notification Logs give the information about the notification of the respective orders placed from your system irrespective of the merchant.

How to set inventory alert

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