Product Catalogue

A business’ catalogue is an all-inclusive list of everything that’s available on its marketplace for sale. This could be products, services, menu, digital downloads, gift cards or more, depending on the merchants listed. Anything you’re selling on your online marketplace, needs to be added to your online catalogue.

The cataloguing process can be tiresome, especially since you want your customers to see every little detail about what’s being sold. For instance, the price, a brief introduction of the product/service, ingredients (if it’s food that’s being sold), product images, and other relevant details need to be accurately updated on the online marketplace. At Yelo, cataloguing is made simple with a clear segregation of where each bit of information goes. As the marketplace admin, you’ve the ability to update product categories, add or remove products from said categories, and add details for each product as well.

You can add or update your product catalogue by visiting the Products page on your Yelo dashboard.

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