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Update the Footer Section of your Online Store

Website Footers are an important section of business websites. Footer signals the visitors that they have reached the bottom of the page. You can add some useful links at the bottom of the page that users may want to explore.

Businesses can add information like social links, download buttons, email information, and other relevant informationAbout the company, FAQs, and Help Desks. 

To add styles and items to the footer section of your website, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Admin Dashboard and you will land on the dashboard page.
  2. On the admin dashboard’s left sidebar, click on ‘Configure’, and a dropdown menu will appear. You will have four tabs:
    – Design
    – User Settings
    – Order Settings
    – General Settings
  3. Click on the ‘Design’ tab, and it will show a few more options like
    – Layout
    – Themes
    – Content Pages
  4. Click on ‘Themes’ to customise the various modules of your app.
  5. The ‘Themes’ page will open up. Next, click on ‘Customise,’ and a new page will appear with a dropdown box.
  6. In the dropdown, click on the select icon and choose the ‘Footer Module’ option.
  7. In the left sidebar, toggle on the ‘Footer’ section.
  8. Once the toggle is on, click on the arrow button to open different footer customisation options.
  9. You will find all the styling options and options for adding the links and button here.
  10. Choose the background color and font color as per your needs.
  11. You can also set up the height of the footer section. In this example, we have kept the height of the footer as “150px”. You can increase or decrease accordingly.
  12. There are plenty of options to add in the footer section. Here, we have added the Copyright section to show the authenticity of the website.
  13. You can also provide the link to download the mobile app by using ‘Download App Link’ widget given below Copyright section.
  14. You can add your social media links, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other you might want to add.
  15. Similarly, you can add different columns to the footer section. Here, we have added; Email in column 1, Company Information in Column 2 and Help & Legal Section in Column 3.You can add multiple columns to the footer and many rows to these columns. Do not forget to save the changes, or you can also preview the changes. Once saved, a ‘successful’ notification will pop up on the left side of your screen.Now, you are all set to move on to other modules to complete your website.

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