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April 2022

Customer Signup Template on Admin:
Add customer right now does not have an additional signup template when the customer is created via the Admin side, now admin will also be able to add additional information while creating a customer from the admin side.

Remove static store name from Razorpay UPI:
Now while placing an order store name will be displayed on the payment page of Razorpay UPI.

Tookan Template Discount_Amount Key addition:
Now a new key is added in the Tookan template “discount_amount” which will display that the discount amount is negative.

New currency supported in Stripe APay/GPay:
Now this PG will support GBP currency.

Enhancement in Merchant Banner:
Banners added in the merchant panel will be clearly visible now before it was looking a little bit dull.

New SMS Gateway :
New SMS Gateway Dovesoft has been integrated with Yelo. The admin can enable these SMS gateway from integration by simply enabling the toggle and entering the required information.

Product Share pop-up UI Change:
The new UI is designed for the product share pop-up page under the product listing page.

Additional Charge on Tookan:
Now we are sending additional charges on Tookan under the section of the order details Template.

Email white-labeling:
We have made the email white-labeling quite easier. Now the customer can Whitelabel their email through the dashboard itself. For that, they have to go to their dashboard > Branding >  Website section. Then in the website section enter the mailer ID and signature. This process is less time-consuming. It hardly takes 24hrs for the whole process. And by using this process users can Whitelabel their email multiple times.

Issues Resolved:

Unable to place the order when promo applied:
Before the customer was facing the issue while placing an order when the customer has applied the promo code Now in android after applying the promo code order will be placed properly.

Alignment issue in Arabic(RTL):
Now on the checkout page, all text will be displayed in RTL in the Arabic language and amounts will be displayed on the left side.

Float value handled in Reward:
Now in Android rewards with float values will be activated without crashing the app.

Customer verification Pending  Link not working properly for admin:
Now admin can directly verify the customer from the customer sign-up email alert. previously admin was not able to verify the customer via email.

Telr Redirection:
After Successful payment completion now the customer will be redirected to the home page and the order will be visible on the dashboard.

Veg Only Filter:
In the D2C store, veg only filter was not working properly that issue is fixed now.

Banner is not scrolling for delivery methods other than Home Delivery:
Before banner was not scrolling when only one delivery method is activated from the admin dashboard. Now in takeaway and pickup & drop banners on the home page will scroll properly.

Google Translate prices issue:
If a customer/client opts to translate the page (web) using google translate, the prices displayed are affected for Total on the Checkout page and Subtotal, Total, and Payment button on the Payment page. The price displayed is 0.

Order is placed with cash however it’s not activated from checkout or customer details:
Now loader is added to resolve this issue. Now whichever payment gateway is selected will be displayed in order details.

Single Store updates

Admin Panel:
The new upgraded admin panel UI is live for a Single store. An easy-to-use and user-friendly dashboard can increase your efficiency and help you manage your restaurants, staff, and customers on the go. Things are more clear and easy to navigate on our new admin UI.

Integration Section:
Now in the single store integration section, PG’s will be visible based on the user’s country.

Stripe onboarding flow*:
Frictionless payment integration with Stripe without leaving the dashboard is now possible. Now customers can accept online payments by creating their stripe account directly on the yelo dashboard. For that, they simply have to click on the setup payments button on the home page of the single store.
*(supported only in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Columbia, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa )

Whatsapp Broadcast*:
With the broadcast feature, now admins can send What’s-app messages to several of their customers at once. This feature is available in the Marketing > push campaigns section.
*(currently supported only outside India )

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