Where to go for help?

Getting help has never been easier. We understand that getting the hang of a new store dashboard can be challenging. To that end, we offer multiple support channels that are available for you. These include:

  • Guide: We’ve put together an all-inclusive product guide that’s designed to answer all your queries about the store, from adding new products to creating a promo code. Browse through our exhaustive guide to get a fair idea of the store and dashboard.
  • Open Community: Our open community is available to help you with all your questions. Fellow users will answer your doubts based on their experiences using the dashboard and you can do the same for someone else.
  • 24*7 Chat: Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions. To access our 24/7 support, click on the Hippo Support icon on the top right corner of your dashboard. A chat window will pop-up on the bottom right corner
  • Account Manager: You can also reach out to your dedicated account manager for help on any topic related to the dashboard.

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