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Learn about how to add products or setting up of a catalogue in this section.

1>Step-up of Catalogue

  • Adding products

Products are the actual goods and services listed under each category you create. When selling anything online, it’s imperative that you update all product /service details accurately since what they see in your store is the only point of reference for a customer.

You can add the name of your product, update price, variants, add-ons, images, descriptions, and more in your yelo store. 

Here’s how you can add products manually on your dashboard:

  • Click on products, click on add new item
  • An Add Product form will pop up with the following fields:

Product Image: Drag and drop or upload the image of your product

Product name: Enter the name of the product/service in this field 

Price of the product: This is the price you’ll be selling the product/service for

Discount: Using the dropdown, select any applicable discount on the product/service. Read on how to create discounts and promo codes here

Description:A brief text describing the product/service in the best way possible

etc. Similarly you can add multiple categories and products in your dashboard.

Advanced options: Here, you can add product suggestions that are often bought together, preparation time (if required), and available quantity of the product by enabling inventory. 

Add more products: There is a box at the bottom of the Add Product form and a new form will automatically pop-up after you click on Add

  • Click on “Add” to add the product
  • When you add the product, you will be able to see the category and product respectively. So if you want to change the name of the category, click on the vertical ellipse (⋮) next to it and edit the name.

Adding products in bulk through Import/Export CSV:

  • Click on add products, then click on import and export 
  • You will be redirected to the import catalog, from there click on combined and download the sample CSV.
  • In the sample CSV, you will be having categories, product, add-ons, inventory in a one single CSV for your store. 
  • To begin with, You do not have to enter the category ID and the product ID for the first time when you are uploading a CSV because these will be automatically generated by the system. 
  • Add the categories and products in the sheet
  • To add image, you can use any third party URL
  • Add Product name under the “Product name” column
  • You can then go ahead with if the product is veg or non-veg and add other fields given in the sheet if applicable
  • Save the CSV when you are done adding the required fields
  • Go back to the store, upload the saved file, go back to products and you will be able to see the updated catalogue

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