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Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are a part of a marketing strategy that allows customers to accumulate reward points on every purchase. These points are easily redeemed every time a customer buys a product. This is a very helpful tool to increase customer engagement with the brand or store.

Let us walk you through a step-by-step hassle-free guide for activating loyalty points for the end-user. This will help your customers redeem loyalty points while purchasing a product/products on a website.

  1. Once you are logged in to your admin account on Yelo, you can define the multifold criterion of loyalty points by following Marketing > Promotions > Loyalty Points mentioned on the left side of the screen.Here, as an example, we have mentioned 1000 credits which are equal to 100 points. The redemption criteria here is defined at 10 points, which equals a credit of INR.10.*Note – you can specify the earning criteria, minimum order amount, maximum earning points, expiry duration, maximum and minimum order redemption amount as per your choice and brand requirement.Upon mentioning the details, click on ‘Submit’.
  1. You can go on the website to view how the loyalty points work in practice when a customer adds a product/products in the cart to make a purchase and redeems the available points.
  2. Customers will confirm the delivery details for the product.
  3. Once the delivery details are confirmed by the customer, he/she has to proceed to pay for the order.
  4. The total of the order comes to INR 120.75. As seen here, the customer has 100 loyalty points. The maximum points that can be redeemed for this order are 20 points. Let us say, the customer applies 10 points to the order. After applying the loyalty points, the customer will click on the ‘Submit Button.
  5. It can be seen that 10 loyalty points have been applied and can be redeemed here, and now the total amount sums up to INR 110.75.
  6. Now, the customer will pay the amount INR 110.75 by clicking on the Pay button.

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