What is Analytics?
No business is complete without knowing the insights like daily/monthly/yearly earnings, daily user engagement etc. This is where our analytics section comes in. The marketplace owner and their respective stores get an analytics section in their panels where they can get to know all these insights.

What are the various features in the analytics section?
The analytics section of yelo is powered by Kato which is a business intelligence and analytics engine. Following are some highlights of this section:

  • Data on orders, revenue, customers and merchants
  • Real-time, trends, and tables
  • Ability to extract reports
  • Filter based on merchants, payment methods and date range
  • Use functions like Moving average, compared with the same day of multiple weeks

Can you have your own custom report in the analytics section?

  • Yes, you can have a custom report suited for your marketplace.
  • You will have to get in touch – with the yelo team and they will get this done and share that particular report with you in your analytics section

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