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Chat support on Yelo is powered by the Hippo communication platform which enables the customers to interact with the admin team for assistance.

How to use the chat support with Yelo?
Go to Marketplace > Extensions, enable the Hippo chat support extension.
Once enabled, the side menu will have an additional option for Hippo chat at the bottom
Clicking on it will take you to the chat support dashboard.
For direct logins to the Hippo dashboard, use the same admin credentials as on Yelo

How can the customers chat with the admin team?
If the marketplace has the Hippo Chat support extension enabled, the customer will be able to see the chat icon button on the bottom-right corner on the web app and in the side menu on mobile apps
To initiate the chat, customer types in their queries which are reflected right away on the admin’s hippo dashboard

How to allow the customers to be able to chat with the merchants directly?
If the admin has enabled this option, customers can chat with the merchants once the order is placed. For this, they can go to a specific order and initiate the chat

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