Delivery Management System

Tookan: Manage all your delivery operations by tracking vehicles, optimizing routes, and automating dispatch, delivery, and scheduling. Get visually rich reports powered by Tookan’s geo-analytics features. To enable Tookan, click on the Extensions icon available on the top right corner of your dashboard. Once enabled, you’ll have the option to go to Tookan’s dashboard where you can do the following:

  1. Add delivery agents and track them in real-time
  2. Assign agents to pending orders which have been imported from your dashboard
  3. Track the delivery of each Order on the Tookan dashboard

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Third-Party Integrations: Apart from Tookan, you also have the option to use Lalamove and iCabbi for your delivery needs. To enable either of these third-party integrations, go to the Extensions page and toggle them on. Please note that you can only use one delivery extension at a time. So, if you’re looking to switch from Lalamove/iCabbi to Tookan, you’ll first have to disable Lalamove/iCabbi.

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