Delivery Mode

You can choose from three modes: takeaway, home delivery, and pick & drop. The task will be sent on Tookan according to the delivery mode defined here in the delivery mode.

Delivery mode

  1. Takeaway task: In a takeaway order, a customer visits the merchant store to pick the Order so that no charge will be created on Tookan.
  2. Delivery: In a delivery order, a delivery task will be made on Tookan.
  3. Pickup & drop: In a pickup and delivery order, two jobs will be created on Tookan one will be a pickup task, and another will be a delivery task.

To set the delivery mode, follow the path: Dashboard >> Order Settings >> Delivery >> Delivery Modes

Note:- You can also configure the delivery model at the merchant level. To configure the delivery model at the merchant level, follow the path:-

  1. Go to General >> Merchants >> Click on merchant name >> configuration.
  2. Scroll down to the delivery mode section and choose the delivery mode.

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