Yelo Account Migration

Yelo Account Migration

This documentation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the account migration process on the Yelo platform, emphasizing the key considerations, consequences, and potential challenges associated with upgrading or downgrading between different account types. 

Account Hierarchy

Yelo platform offers three primary account types arranged in a hierarchical structure:

  1. Marketplace: The top-tier account, providing a comprehensive set of features i.e., all the features on the Yelo platform for managing a multi-vendor.
  2. Brand: Positioned below the Marketplace, tailored for businesses focusing on direct sales to end consumers, offering a specialized solution for multiple stores operating under a single brand.
  3. Store: The entry-level account is suitable for individual merchants managing a single-store.


  • Moving from Store to Brand or Marketplace is not allowed as it might seem simple, but there’s a chance you could miss some features, impacting your business operations.
  • Switching between D2C and Marketplace is also not allowed because it can be tricky, as functionalities from both might get mixed up, leading to a complex setup affecting your efficiency.


  • Going from Marketplace to Brand to Store is not possible as it comes with complications, risking a loss of essential features and a more cumbersome setup, negatively affecting your business and customer satisfaction.
  • Directly downgrading from Marketplace to Store is a drastic step with severe consequences, potentially limiting your ability to conduct business efficiently and hence, it’s not allowed on our platform.

Why Downgrade is not possible

  1. Features from one account might not smoothly transfer to the new configuration, disrupting your business.
  2. Consistent terminology across accounts could lead to confusion and operational inefficiencies.
  3. Technical consequences may pose challenges, affecting your business’s functionality and growth potential.
  4. You may encounter instances of redundant data on your website that are beyond your control.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand that migrating your Yelo platform account isn’t an easy process. We advise against it without careful consideration. Take your time to think things through before making any changes. Consider the potential challenges and risks alongside the benefits to ensure a smooth transition. Your business operations and customer satisfaction are paramount, so it’s crucial to proceed with caution.

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