FAQs Yelo

Why are restaurants showing closed in the application?

Why is there no notification sound in the merchant application?

Why am I seeing “This store unable to deliver at your location”?

PetPooja Integration

Catalogue Bulk Import

Do category ID and product ID in catalogue bulk import CSV need to be filled by us?

How does merchant search work in Yelo?

One of the merchants is not showing up in the search while creating an order on the admin panel, what could be the reason?

How do I change the delivery address of a customer?

Can admin edit a customer’s address from the customer records?

What is the purpose of cost price and SKU in the product catalogue?

Online Payment is successful but the order is not created on Yelo, what could be the reason?

Why is my push campaign’s audience reach less than the selected audience?

Device Tokens

Website showing as “Not Secure”, how to fix that?

How to cancel your Yelo subscription?

Yelo Account Migration

Taxes Based On Payment Method

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