Why am i seeing “This store unable to deliver at your location” ?

Why am I seeing “This store unable to deliver at your location”?

Example of the problem:

You may see this error when a customer is trying to place an order through the mobile application or web interface.

If you are a single storefront this error may mean that there is a serving area restriction set via service radius or geofence. Your customer could be outside that radius or geofence at the time of placing the order. In such case your customer will still view the store but when they try to place the order they will get the above error message. 

If you are a marketplace, the customer will not be able to see the store at all if they are outside the store’s defined service area.

You must try changing the radius or geofence or set it to “No serving restriction” in case you want to take an order from other areas.

Refer screenshot below to view and modify geofence settings in the storefront:

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