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How to do email whitelisting?/Notifications are coming from contact@yelo.red

Customers will raise a ticket from your admin dashboard, requesting email whitelisting.
Once that is done, the team will need to confirm the whitelisted email. Place a request in the white-labeling group in order to generate mandrill emails and txt records.
Once generated, forward the txt records to the customer and request for the mandrill verification emails.
Once this has been completed and the mandrills have been verified update on the Formapp

I created a merchant, then deleted it. Now we are not able to create a new merchant with the same id.

Once an id is registered with Yelo for a merchant account, it can not be used again no matter if we delete the merchant, an effective way to deal with this kind of situation is that you can create an alias. For example, if the previous id was like xyz@gmail.com, then the alias can be xyz+2@gmail.com.

I am unable to see the banners where I have added the merchant link

-Check the Merchant’s configurations. There may be 3 possibilities:

  • The merchant has placed a certain distance restriction
  • There is a time/scheduling issue during which the merchant may not be receiving orders
  • The merchant may have marked himself as closed.

How to integrate a particular payment gateway?
You can go to integrations and look for the payment gateway they want. To activate it the you will need to add additional keys (for e.x. Secret key) which they will receive from the aforementioned payment gateway either in the account or on request.
In case a particular payment gateway is not available, the you can go to the custom PG option on the left side of the dashboard and do the same.

How to enable Brand New Hybrid UI for your customer app?

Go to  https://admin.yelo.red/en/dashboard/design/layout

In your dashboard, there would be a configure section to the left, click on Configure >> Design >> Layout >> Scroll down to find this option called – “Enable this toggle to Switch your Hybrid App to Updated UI”

Once you switch ON this Toggle, then your customers should be able to see the Hybrid app next time they log in.

How to check if I am facing an issue with google maps on a website?

  1. Please check if you have entered the correct Google API key.
  2. Also please check google billing, your google billing may be pending.
  3. Admin has added Url restriction on google maps API key and it seems that admin and marketplace URL is not added in that.

(You can use the following API to check the error thrown by the API Keys. Just replace the key with the google api key in the URL after key; https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/directions/json?origin=30.7189024,76.8103761&destination=30.7188923,76.810399&sensor=false&mode=driving&alternatives=false&key= )

How to change the landing page?

Configure<<Design<<Layout<<Scroll to landing page for website<<Choose options from dropdown menu

How to integrate your website with Google and Facebook for social logins? (edited)

Link from helpdesk and youtube video
The Facebook id should be live and correct

Can we share a product/service?

Configure<<General Settings<<Preference<<Product Share<<Enable Toggle to allow people share the product

How to update the marketplace translation?

In order to change a selective terminology from your marketplace you may:
Go to Configure section >> General Settings >> Terminology.
Select the language and change the word you wish to rephrase. Click Save.


Go to Configure section >> General Settings >> Marketplace.
Scrolling down will show the option for Marketplace translations, Select the language and Module(not applicable for Hybrid Apps) you wish to make the changes in, and then download the file. Make changes and reupload.

What is the significance of order-ready status?

Now the merchant can set the order ready status of a particular order when the order is ready. The admin can enable this from the general settings >preference > enable order ready status.

Can we have different timings for takeaway?


Can we enable favorite merchants?

Configure<< General Settings<< Preferences<<Enable favorite merchants to toggle to allow customers to mark merchants as favorite.

How to enable customer ratings?

Configure<< General Settings<< Preferences<<Enable customer ratings to toggle to allow customers to rate merchants after the order is complete.

Where can we see the commission details of merchants?

Configure<<Order Settings<<Commissions<< Details

Can we track delivery agents?

Yes. To view the tracking link of agent Go to Configure<<Delivery<<Scroll to Tracking link configuration<<Enable toggle to get tracking link once the order is picked up.

The store does not show open, even during working hours. In such a case, the issue could be with the merchant opening time slot is not within the time limit of the marketplace time zone. 

An issue with translation. 

Sometimes can be resolved by editing a marketplace CSV or in the terminology section. 

City config toggle. 

this option can be enabled by preferences->configure city. 

How to assign a city to a selected merchant? first of all, create a geofence in configure city, then click on your selected merchant scroll down and find the option for ‘Link City’. 

The issue with displayed location on the platform. 

In such a case, the reason could be that you have not enabled aerial distance toggle, which might generate confusion regarding the location. 

The store shows closed. 

The reason could be that the marketplace availability is turned off.

How to add a merchant?

  1. On your Yelo dashboard, navigate to General -> Restaurants. 
  2. Here, you will see a dialogue box that lets you add restaurants. Fill in the required details and click on ‘Add’. 
  3. That’s all! You just need to take two small steps to add merchants to your marketplace.

Surge and Delivery Charge are showing together as delivery charges, can we show them separately?

Currently, this is the workflow both surge and delivery come together, for future will check feasibility and accordingly add this to the roadmap of the Yelo.

How to make add ons mandatory in single select.

If you wish to make variant/add on mandatory kindly choose the default setting for the add on. When you select the default option it would make it mandatory for the customer to choose an add-on for a single select product.

CSV reports successful completion but no items are imported into Catalogue.

When the categories are already added you have to put the product either under the category or the subcategory

Whenever you put the product in the CSV then you must mention the category id or the subcategory under which the product should be there.

NOTE: once you have created a category you can not Directly add the product, you have to add the product under the category subcategory.

Add Product expiry and Batch no in product add

You can make changes in the product edit  SKU as a batch and you can add the expire on the description of the product.

In Yelo, my catalog layouts do not change. Only the grid view is working.

In order to have a banner view for your category, you must add at least 2 sub-categories under the same category and then change it to banner view in-store layout setting. Also, following the same kind of hierarchy is important too. It means that if you are following the pattern of category->subcategory then you can stick with that only for that particular category and the same is for category->product pattern

How to move products from one Category to another and from one merchant to another

If you wish to transfer your products from one merchant to another. Or from one category to another in the same merchant. Please download the combined CSV of that merchant. Then, either change the value of the category from the one it is currently into the one you wish to transfer. Or download the CSV for the second merchant and add all details there. 

Also, here’s brief video showing how to download and upload the CSV’s hope this helps. https://help.jungleworks.com/yelo/upload-products-through-combined-csv/

Redirect merchant to Get Started tab after signup

Once a new merchant signs up, unless there is an order they go automatically to the Get Started tab, you may test the same by creating a new test merchant and logging in through the credentials of that merchant. Once you have logged in, the first tab that should open by default is the Get Started one.

We haven’t enabled the Scheduling option for ‘MERCHANT’ but if you check on the website while adding a product to the cart its asking for a scheduled time

The issue occurs because you have kept MERCHANT as a service-level marketplace. Which requires scheduling. Kindly go to the merchant configurations for this merchant and scroll down to find marketplace type.

There is a test tag on display on most merchants on the platform

This issue occurs due to the custom tag set, currently, the issue seems to be resolved. For future reference kindly use the link
To see how custom settings tag work

How to change mailer signature on emails?

Solution: After white labeling there shows an option “Branding” on the dashboard. Under it click on web application and there you can set/edit your mailers signature.

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