Setting Up a Catalogue

Welcome to the Products page, the home base of all your cataloguing efforts. Here, you can do everything from adding a new product category to updating inventory for individual items and much more.

The Products page is available on the left sidebar menu, under the General subhead.

Here’s everything you can do at the Products page:

  • Add product categories to make your catalouge clean and easy to navigate
  • Add products under each category you create. This is also where you enter details of specific products, including price, add-ons, discounts (if any), product image and more
  • You can also modify the inventory of individual products at the Products page
  • Import or export the catalogue with a CSV file
  • Change the layout of how products appear on the desktop and mobile versions of your marketplace

If you’ve onboarded multiple merchants on your marketplace, as the admin you can switch between them by clicking on the drop-down menu available on the top right corner of the Products page. Merchants can make the required changes to their products/services using the merchant dashboard.

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