Discount in promotional code describes the discount provided to the customer on the subtotal of his cart on selecting the promo code.

If Promotion Type is PERCENTAGE DISCOUNT, the discount will be calculated in percentage on subtotal of the cart.

If Promotion Type is FLAT DISCOUNT, then the flat discount will be given to the customer.

Description (Max 150 characters)
This is the description to be shown in customer apps under promo code. It can describe the promo code to the customer.

For instance- PROMO CODE- “DISCOUNT20”

Promo description can be “20% discount can be avail on your orders”.

From & Till
From in promotional code defines the starting date from which the promotional code is valid. Admin can create a promotional code in advance and set the starting date from which he wants to start using that promo code in customer apps.

Till defines the ending date of the promotional code. After the ending date, that promotional code will no longer be availed by the customer.

Maximum Discount Value
f promotion type is percentage discount, then only Maximum Discount Value is applicable.

The promotional discount calculated on the subtotal of the cart user can avail while placing an order cannot exceed maximum discount value.

Admin can leave this field empty if he does not want to restrict the customer on the maximum discount value.

Maximum No Of Allowed User(s)
It defines the maximum number of users which can avail the Promotional Discount. If an admin wants to restrict on the number of users which can avail the discount, he can update the same value here. If he does not wish to restrict on the number of users availing this promotional code, he can leave this blank and by default, that promo code is available to every customer.

Minimum Order Amount
The minimum order amount is the minimum value of cart for which the promotional discount can be avail.

Admin can leave this field empty if he does not want to restrict the customer on the minimum order amount. In this case, any customer can avail the discount on any cart value.

For instance, Minimum order value is 100 and customer’s cart value is 50, then the promotional discount cannot be avail. But when customer’s cart value equals to or above than 100, then only he is able to avail promotional discount.

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