Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are a bonus incentive scheme used to keep customers dedicated to your platform. In our platform, you can define a variety of things like the earning criteria, the redemption criteria, the expiry time of points, maximum earning points, the minimum order amount above which loyalty points can be applied, and more. Here’s how to you define your loyalty program in the admin dashboard:

  1. Go to Loyalty Points under the Promotions section of the Marketing subhead in the left sidebar
  2. Toggle the Loyalty Points button on the right corner of the page
  3. Enter the details of your loyalty program and click on the blue Save button

The aspects of the loyalty program you can define in the Loyalty Points page include:

  • Earning Criteria: Here, you can define how much spend translates to how many points. For instance, every time a customer makes a purchase worth $10 dollars, they get 1 point.
  • Minimum Order Amount for Earning: You can set the minimum order amount for earning loyalty points.
  • Maximum Earning Points: Want to cap how many points a customer can earn? You can do it on the Loyalty Points page.
  • Expiry Duration: Set the expiry duration of when the loyalty points earned by a customer will expire. This can be anything from 1 month to 5 years.
  • Redemption Criteria: Here, you can define how many points translate to how much money. For instance, if a customer has 1000 points, they can redeem it for $10.
  • Minimum Order Amount for Redemption: You can also set a minimum order amount for when customers use the money earned by redeeming loyalty points.
  • Maximum Redemption Amount: Define how much of an order amount can be paid for using the redemption amount in percentage.

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