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I have created the product-wise discount but it’s still not reflecting on the website Why?

Go to store >> catalogue >> edit the product >> add the discount you have created in the discount column >>  then click on the Save button. The discount will reflect on the website.

How can I add discounts for every product through CSV rather than adding it manually?

Currently, you can’t add discounts for products using CSV. The only way is to add it manually for all products.

In which order both referrer and referee will get the discount?

The referer and referee both get the discount only on their first order.

Will the same customer get the discount again if he referred someone a second time?

Yes, the same customer will get the discount for every person he refers.

Why is my ad banner image appearing small?

You need to adjust the image as per the panel so that it will not appear small on the website. Try to use rectangle images for ad banners rather than squares.
Here are  the sizes of banners you can use:

a) Admin:

  • Banner Image For Web (1920×360 px).
  • Banner Image For Hybird Mobile Applciation(1920x360px).
  • Banner Image For Native Mobile Apps (1920×480 px)* / (768×384 px)**.

b) Merchant:

  • list banner => 1400 x 270 to 1920 x 270 => 960×240 for mobile.
  • Store banner => 1400 x 240 to 1920 x 280 => 380×260 Px.

What does redemption criteria/ earning criteria mean in loyalty points?

If you have offered 5 loyalty points on a purchase of 50 boxes and now the redemption criteria for the same you have set as for 1 point the person can redeem 10 boxes similarly for 5 points he can redeem 50 boxes. This is the flow for loyalty points. You can set the same from the panel itself.

How to set the configurations for promo codes from the Admin Dashboard?

Go to Yelo dashboard >> Configure >>  Order Settings >>  Commissions. It allows you to choose whether this part of the order amount has to be transferred to the Admin or Merchant.

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