Rewards is an extension available in your dashboard that allows you to define reward plans for the customers to enjoy cashback rewards on the order they place.

Enable a Reward Plan by going to Marketing > Promotions > Rewards

In the Rewards page, you can add a new rewards plan by clicking on the Add Plan button. Fill the following fields to create a new rewards plan:

  • Name: Give the rewards plan a name
  • Maximum Amount: This will be the maximum amount of cashback offered to a customer for an order
  • Percentage: Here you can define the percentage of order amount that’ll given as cashback
  • Plan Fee: Define the fee for the rewards plan
  • Orders Count: Define the number of orders on which cashback will be given
  • Validity: Enter the number of days the rewards plan will be valid for
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the rewards plan in this field

Once all the mandatory fields are filled, click on Save.

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