Outstanding payments

Outstanding Payments

The outstanding payment feature will allow admin users to add debt to your customer’s account against outstanding payments/cancellation fees/ad-hoc charges. It will reflect on the customer’s account on the web & mobile application as soon as the customer opens a web/mobile application.

You also get an option to mark it mandatory. If you keep it compulsory, then the Customer won’t be able to place another order before clearing out the outstanding payment left with his/her last Order set.

How to enable outstanding payments?

  1. Go to configure >> Order settings >> Checkout.
  2. Scroll down to the outstanding payment.
  3. Slide the toggle to enable outstanding payment.

Outstanding payments









  1. Once enabled, you as an admin can add an outstanding amount against any order from the “Orders” section of the Yelo admin dashboard. To add an outstanding amount kindly follow the steps below:
    • Go to the Yelo admin dashboard>Orders
    • Click on an order id
    • Locate the outstanding amount option on the order details page
    • Edit to add the outstanding amount
  1. Once the outstanding amount is added your customers will see the outstanding amount when they will open the customer app and website.

Note: This is how the outstanding amount will be visible in case the outstanding payment clearance is marked mandatory for customers before placing an order.

  1. Customers can click on “Continue to pay” to make a payment and clear the outstanding amount. Customers can either pay by card or by wallet (if activated) only to settle the outstanding amount.

  1. Admin can also video of total outstanding amount against a customer on the customer details page. To view the outstanding amount kindly follow the steps below:
    • Go to the Yelo admin dashboard>Customers.
    • Click on desired customer id.
    • Locate the outstanding amount option on the customer details page to view the total outstanding amount due from a customer.

How to clear the outstanding amount on Yelo?

In order to clear this outstanding amount you need to collect that money from the customer. You can either collect this money offline or through Yelo via online payment.

In the case of offline payment, you can reset the outstanding amount manually. Simply find the orders of that customer against which the outstanding amount exists and then edit the outstanding amount as per each order one by one.

In order to view the orders with outstanding amounts simply click on the “Outstanding amount” on the customer details page. You will receive a CSV report via email. The report will be sent via email as an attachment.

The CSV report will include: 

    • Order ID
    • Customer Name/ID
    • Outstanding Amount
    • Order Date

Kindly note: Customer data will be handled securely and with confidentiality. For support, contact our support team.

In case your customer makes the payment online via card or wallet, the amount will automatically reset. You can check the same by viewing the customer detail page. Kindly refer to the video below:


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