Why are orders placed not reflecting on Tookan?
Only delivery orders are available on Tookan, take away orders dont go to Tookan.

Is it possible to pre-order food on Yelo?
Yes, it’s possible. Customers can schedule when they want the order delivered while placing the order.

Why are admin/merchants unable create an order for service marketplace?
They can only create order in product marketplace

Why are restaurants assigned to a particular manager not being fetched when they’re trying to create an order?
Only restaurants which offer products can create orders for now using the create order option

User wants to add their company name and tax details for a particular order on the order receipt.
Can this be done?

Yes, these details can be added from notifications section.

Is it possible to change the delivery time (from minutes to hours)?
In the dashboard, you can enter the delivery time value in minutes but it’ll get reflected in hours on the webapp.

Is it possible to enable ordering from multiple merchants in a single checkout?
No, currently this functionality is not available.

Can a customer print orders at the store using API?
We can share the order details from open API but order printing logic needs to be at the client’s end.

Can customers order even when merchant operations are closed?
Customers can use the Preorder functionality to order when merchant operations are closed.

Why is the preorder tag is visible to some restaurants and is not visible to others?
The Preorder tag is only visible to those restaurants who have enabled Scheduling.

How can we test our customer order system without charging a credit card by using out stripe test_public_key?
Dummy cards will help you out in this case. You have to add test keys and then add dummy credit card no. and check the same with the test task.

Why is live order tracking not working on the customer app?
If Tookan is disabled, live order tracking won’t work.

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