What are the free (already integrated) payment gateways available in India on Yelo?
For Indian users, we have Razorpay and Paytm already integrated on Yelo.

Which payment gateway is available in the Philippines?
Paypal is available in the Philippines.

Can we integrate Phonepe with Yelo?
Yes, Phonepe is a paid customization that can be integrated with Yelo.

Why do I get an error message to contact admin to active Stripe connect when trying to make payment using Stripe?
This error occurs when user enters test keys for Stripe.

Is it possible to add different currency for the each service provider?
Yes, multicurrency support is available. User needs to request for an updated app to enable this feature.

Is Bitcoin payment gateway integrated with Yelo?
No, currently Bitcoin payment gateway is not available.

Which payment gateways offer the refund option?
Stripe, Razorpay, Paypal, FAC, Payfort, StripeIdeal, AuthotizeNet, Instapay, Vistamoney, Paystack are the payment gateways offering refund option.
Refund would be initiated only when either the Accept/Reject functionality is on or the cancellation policy is on.
In accept rejec,t the refund will be initiated on the rejection of the order
In cancellation policy, the refund will be initiated on cancellation of an order.

Can I split commissions between admin and some third party? Or between multiple admin bank accounts?
Yes, payment can be split between admin and merchant using stripe connect.

I have enabled Stripe and added the required information but still, on the website, there is no option to “Add card”(Mexican region)
Presently, Stripe connect is not available in Mexico.

I’m unable to add my credit card
To add credit card, please provide ssl certificate or either request for free ssl from the devops team.

Is online payment option available for custom orders in Yelo?
Currently, online payment option is not available for custom orders. But the functionality s in our ppipeline and will be added soon.

Which payment gateway is integrated for the Malta region?
The following payment gateways are available for the Malta region: 2Checkout, Checkout.com, Paypal, and Authorize.net

Why does my website receive orders even though payment is not verified?
This is a case of post payment order confirmation. Please ask the tech team to change payment type to pre payment.

I tried paying for the growth plan but the card declined?
Please try some other card and if the problem persists, reach out to our support team.

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