What is a Smart URL and how to generate it?

What is a smart URL?

A smart URL is a special link that redirects users to specific destinations based on their country or device.


How to generate your smart URL?

You can use various third-party smart URL creators available online that helps you to create and generate smart URLs for free.  Let’s take an example of one such smart link creator: https://www.appurl.com/

  1. On the homepage enter your domain or web URL in the text box and click on the “Start” button. Now, this URL should be a valid URL.
  2. You will be redirected to the “Get Started” page. Create your web smart URL by clicking on the “Save and Create” button.
  3. To create a smart URL for mobile applications, kindly follow the steps below:
    1. On the same page, slide toggle for “Custom App URL” to Yes to generate a smart URL for mobile applications.
    2. Enter the application name which will be displayed on your redirect page to inform your user where they are being redirected.
    3. For generating smart links for iOS or Android apps just slide the toggle to Yes and enter your iOS or Android app URLs.
    4. Click on Save and create on the top.
    5. Voila, your smart app URL is generated. Kindly watch the video below to learn more:


    6. After generating the smart URL, kindly paste the URL into Yelo. Go to Yelo admin panel>>Branding>>Paste URL in Customer App Smart URL box as shown below:


Some benefits of using the smart URL

The smart URL is a clean and easy way of sharing campaigns, promos, and app download links while looking great on any device. Let’s break it down.

  1. The dynamic link redirects: The smart URL is dynamic and “device-aware”, meaning it can detect what kind of device the visitor has when they click on the link and direct them to the appropriate version of the campaign based on that.
  2. Link shortening: The smart URL is shorter, which means the link looks neater and people are more likely to click on it. It also means that it does not take up as many characters in an SMS, an Instagram bio, etc.
  3. Reduced copy-paste problems: Using a short link avoids the tedious job of copying huge links multiple times and thus reduces the chances of link copy-paste errors.


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