Hippo Ticketing-

Hippo Ticketing helps you streamline customer support tickets. It provides all the context you need to resolve issues and also allows you to prioritize, track, and automate routine support tasks.



How to Enable

Enabling Hippo ticketing is fairly easy. You need to go to your dashboard >> click on settings >> go to Add-ons >> Enable hippo ticketing. And now you can go to ticketing and start managing your customer tickets.



How to add agents and Collaborators and their description

To add agents for ticketing, go to settings >> Invite members >> Select invite with limited access >> Select ticketing and assign the relevant team.



How to create tickets

Creating tickets can be done via Chatbot, Conversational chat with customers or via ticketing dashboard.



How to create custom customer group/team/department and their description

Customer group: 
It is the group that your customers get added to when they select the issue type. You can create this from the ticketing panel by going on the side menu >> customer group >> create a customer group







Email Notification (Create/Comment/Closed)

Notify your customers when they create the ticket via email. The email updates will be sent when the comments are added to the ticket.

At the Closed stage, an email notification will be sent to the customers to notify them that the issue is resolved and the ticket has been closed.



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