AI Prediction

AI Prediction

AI Prediction is an advanced tool designed to empower you with the ability to foresee upcoming tasks, allowing for proactive management of your assets without unnecessary overutilization. This feature enables you to make informed preparations for impending demands, ultimately leading to a significant enhancement in your operational efficiency.

This comprehensive enhancement of operational capabilities positions your business for sustained growth and competitive advantage, marking a new era of strategic task management and planning.

How to Enable AI Prediction: 

  1. To activate go to Tookan dashboard, side menu > AI Prediction.
  1. Click on Activate.
  1. Now, Give the system 5 – 10 minutes to analyze your data.
  1. Come back to the Tookan dashboard, side menu > AI Prediction

Explore your weekly predictions within this section, providing valuable insights that enable you to prepare effectively for busy days in your business.

Make the most of AI Prediction to optimize your workflow and elevate your operational efficiency.

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