Can I Get Customized Subscription Plan?

Can I Get Customized Subscription Plan?

Yes, We are happy to design a plan that suits your business model the best. Please contact our chat support executive for customized bulk plans.

Moreover Tookan provides plans based on the number of tasks you want to avail. You can either opt for early stage, startup plan, growth plan, standard plan and enterprise plan.

Billing Plans in Tookan

The early stage plan allows 200 task per month , the startup plan gives 700 tasks per month , the growith plan includes 2000 tasks per month and standard plan includes 5000 tasks per month .

If the expected number of tasks is more than 5000, then in that case you can contact with your representative to discuss the customized plans.

The customized plan can be discussed for semi annual, annual or monthly basis depending on the number of tasks.

so if you ask “can I get customized Subscription plan “

then yes you can, you can avail the customized task plans and accordingly the plan can be activated for the duration as per your requirement.

Customized plan allows you to utilize tasks without any month limit, unlike the case when you opt for standard plans for your tookan account.

The tasks purchased in customized plan can be utilized over given duration, and once expired can only be renewed at same or new cost price as per the ongoing price for various plans available in the billing section of Tookan dashboard.

This is all for information on customized susbcription plans for Tookan , thanks !

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