What Am I Charged For SMS Messages?

What Am I Charged For SMS Messages?

SMS messages charges entirely depend on the SMS gateways used by you. There are various sms gateway with which tookan is already integrated.

Here is a list of some of the SMS gateway with which Tookan is integrated :

1> Twillio

2> Plivo

3> Gupshup

4> Exotel

5> Smart sms gateway

SMS Gateway available in Tookan extensions

The sms integration is followed by a series of steps, out of which some of them are mentioned below:

1> Tookan integration with smart sms gateway : https://help.jungleworks.com/knowledge-base/integrate-smart-sms-gateway-with-tookan/

2>Tookan integration with Twillio : https://jungleworks.com/how-to-integrate-twilio-with-tookan/#:~:text=Tookan%20allows%20you%20to%20integrate,to%20integrate%20Tookan%20with%20Twilio.

3> Tookan integration with Exotel : https://jungleworks.com/how-to-integrate-exotel-with-tookan/

4> Tookan Integration with Infobip : https://jungleworks.com/how-to-integrate-infobip-with-tookan/

5> Tookan integration with Mobivate : https://help.jungleworks.com/how-to-integrate-mobivate-with-tookan/

Now What I am Charged for SMS Messages ?

This is totally dependent on the sms gateway integrated with your Tookan Account. For example if you integrate Tookan with Bumbl sms service then the same be configured by going to settings> sms > select the option to set bumbl as sms service

Steps to select Bumbl as sms gateway on Tookan

Once the bumbl account is created then the wallet needs to recharged and plan shall be susbscribed to operate further on Tookan.

Bumbl recharge can be done from the Bumbl dashboard

Hope this information helps , thanks!

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