How to Control agent schedule?

Control agent schedule : Control Agent Schedule enables you to manage and control your agent’s schedule. You can define or update working hours for your agents. It also allows you to track the real-time status of your agents at anytime from anywhere.

You can Define or update agent schedule in few steps!

Set permissions for who all can update your agent schedule.

Get effortless view of your agents schedule as per their availability and blocked hours.

To activate Agent schedule, go to side menu> Extensions> Search for control agent schedule

click on activate.

next you will see a pop up to configure

Here you can Set Default Working Hours for your Agent

where you can see the days and the time slots available for scheduling.

Set the slot and click on next.

Therein you will see the option of allowing access to managers as well as agents.

when you click on managers can view and edit, the managers can make changes to the schedule here.

However if you allow for view only then managers cannot edit the schedule.

Similarly for agents, We can provide access to View and edit.

Once you activate this, you will be redirected to the Agent schedule settings where you can set the scheduling hours

control agent schedule

Green squares reflect availability of the agents.

Blue squares denotes that the agent is busy.

White squares reflect the unavailability of the agent.

We can also import agent schedule data through CSV import.

The agents can view and edit their schedule from agent app.

watch video for detailed information on agent schedule.

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