Webhook Notifications

Webhooks in Tookan

Webhooks are used in Tookan to get responses to events in realtime. 

We currently support for 3 kinds of data in webhook response :


Webhooks in Tookan : 

In tookan webhooks are available on the following events : 

  1. Pickup and Delivery Notifications :
    1. Request Received
    2. Agent Started
    3. Agent Arrived
    4. Successful
    5. Failed
    6. Auto Allocation Started
    7. Auto Allocation Failed
  2. Additional Notification
    1. Agent On/Off Duty
    2. Add Agent
    3. Update Agent
    4. Delete Agent
    5. Block Agent
    6. Unblock Agent
    7. Add Customer
    8. Update Customer
    9. Add Manager
    10. Delete Manager
    11. Update Manager
    12. Agent Forgot Password
    13. Admin/Merchant/Manager Forgot Password

To See Sample Webhook POST data visit : Tookan Webhook Docs

Integrating Webhook with Tookan : 

  1. Browse to the Notification section in the Settings Tab
  2. Click Edit from Actions
  3. Navigate to Webhook
  4. Generate a Shared Secret (Optional).
    Please Note: The Shared Secret remains the same for all webhooks
  5. Please Enter Your Webhook URL. 

(For test purposes you may use https://webhook.site/ for your unique URL 

Watch a Demo Video : Tookan Webhooks

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