How to create a project in Mappr?

How to create a project in Mappr? A project in Mappr comprises Stops and Agents (depending on the workflow) that you optimize. You can create a new project from the “Optimize Routes” screen on your Mappr dashboard. By default, the latest project is visible on this screen. You can select […]

Billing Plan

Billing Plan In this section, you can view: Details of the current plan like Transactions used, Validity of the current plan Other pricing plans You can upgrade to a new plan from your current plan from this section. In the case of monthly plans, our billing cycle consists of 30 […]

How to Add Stops in Mappr

How to Add Stops in Mappr? You can add stops one by one in Mappr. Adding stops means adding tasks that need to be optimized and assigned to agents. You can input stops one-by-one within Mappr. Click the ‘+Add a Stop‘ sign to add a new stop (see below).   […]

How to Add Agents in Mappr?

How to Add Agents in Mappr? Agents are added to a project. This is the first step once you create a project on Mappr. If you have already added agents to any previous project system will show those agents by default under the “Agents” tab on the “Optimize Routes” project […]

Route Optimization API

Route Optimization API Our route optimization API computes and returns an optimized route between an origin and destination which have multiple stop points in between. You can assign routes, allocate tasks or dispatch workforce with our highly configurable optimization and routing stack. With Mappr’s route optimization API, you get: Optimized […]

Direction API

Direction API This API provides directions between the coordinates of the selected points. Refer to the screenshot below for example: Link to the documentation:  

Matrix API

Matrix API The API is similar to Distance Matrix only difference is that it can provide a route between multiple points. This will be more suitable for use cases where you need to find the distance and travel time between a single pickup and multiple delivery points. The Matrix API […]

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API The Distance Matrix API enables you to calculate, evaluate and plan your routes to improve your customers’ online experience and enhance your business efficiency. This API finds the best possible distance between the origin latitude, and longitude and the destination latitude, and longitude. API features Providing the […]

Reverse Search API

Reverse Search API In Reverse Search API,  we provide the reverse geocoding APIs to convert coordinates to human-readable addresses. How does it work? The Reverse Search API works in reverse: it converts coordinates to human-readable addresses. For example, the latitude/longitude value for a location in Brooklyn: “40.714224,-73.961452” can be converted […]

Search API

Search APIs In Search API we provide geocoding APIs for users to search for addresses on maps. Our Search API automatically parses addresses, intersections, and adds missing letters, and provides the most accurate results.   Main API features: Partial address recognition: Automatically parse addresses, and intersections, and add missing letters […]