Estimate Agents in Mappr

Estimate Agents in Mappr

The Estimate Agents feature helps you to know how much workforce will be required to complete the tasks. It is an effective tool to forecast and plan your workforce in advance.  You will find this option after adding Agents and Stops to a project right before the Project Settings.


What each setting means:

>Agent Shift Timings: Here you can set the working hours or shift hours of your agents.

>Agent Source: Source here means the start and end location of your agents that Mappr will consider to estimate agents for Stops added.

  • Multiple source: In this case, the system will consider the Start Location and End Location of each agent that you have entered while adding an agent to the project with respect to the address of the stops for estimating agents.


  • Single source: In this case, the system will consider the Start and End location as entered here as the start and end location of all the agents.

>Type/Capacity:  Here you can enter the vehicle name/type and capacity of each vehicle type manually or via CSV.

>Plan/enable routes: Enabling this option will display the routes assigned for each vehicle.

Kindly note you can estimate agents for projects with Pickup & Delivery and Appointment workflows.


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