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Business categories are used to classify the businesses being provided on the store. With the help of business categories, the reach of a merchant on your marketplace or the customer experience can be improved on the web/apps. For example, if a customer wants to order a pizza in place going into a merchant, he just needs to click on the business category pizza, and he will see all the merchants who are providing pizza. With the business categories’ help, a merchant’s catalog can also be mapped if catalog mapping is enabled. The Customer will only see the products/services associated with the business category.

Create a business category are:-

  1. Go to configure> order setting> catalog> Business categories.
  2. To create a business category, click on the + button in the business categories.
  3. Now you need to provide the required information like Name of business category, Image, external URL if you want to redirect the business category to an external URL(note:- To use the external URL, the custom category needs to be enabled.)
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully created a business category.

Assign the business category to a store.
To assign the business category to a store, go to the General> merchants> Click on merchant name and assign a business category.

Business category mapping
If a business category mapping is enabled, the business categories can map the catalog. Only the categories assigned to a business category will be displayed to a customer when he visits the web/apps and visits a merchant through a business category. Follow the steps to configure the catalog mapping:-

  1. Go to the business category mapping option inside a merchant and click enable the Toggle.
  2. The categories in the catalog section and click on the three dots in the class and select the assigned business category option now give the Merchant business category.
  3. Congratulations, you have successfully enabled business category mapping.

Business category Filters:-
Filters are a vital part of any Online hyperlocal store. After using the business category filters, the merchants in the business categories can be filtered. Follow the steps to create a business category filter.

  1. Go to configure> order setting> catalog> custom fields.
  2. Enable the Toggle.
  3. Once you have enabled the Toggle now, you need to choose the business category you want to create the filters.
  4. Now, In the selected field, you need to provide the required information to create a filter. The information in the fields are:-
    1. Field name:- In this section, you need to enter the name of the filter type.
    2. Field type:- Here, you need to define if the filters will be single select or multi-select.
    3. Values:- In this section, you need to enter the type of filter.


  5. To assign the filters to a merchant, follow the steps:- General> merchants> Click on the merchant name> Go to the business category option and assign filters to the Merchant.

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