Why does CSV give error Parent ID is invalid for the Merchant when adding products?
To avoid this issue, please add parent category ID which belongs to same merchant.

What is the maximum size for product images?
The size of each product image should be less than 2 MB.

Where is the combined CSV button?

  • Click on the Import / Export button available in the right corner of the Products page
  • In the Import Catalogue page, click on the Combined tab

Please note that the combined CSV button is only available for the product marketplace.

How many images can be added for each product?
You can add upto 5 images per product.

How to import product catalogue using CSV?
These are the steps which is mentioned on the panel for importing. Need the detailed information or video.

Follow these easy steps to import your catalogue.

  • Download the Sample CSV

    You can download the sample CSV by clicking on the ‘Sample CSV” option.

  • Import catalogue

    You can import the CSV in respective areas- category, laundry, add-ons and add-ons Options. The CSV needs to be uploaded separately for each section. Use Combined Section, if you prefer to upload category, laundry all at the same time.

  • Update catalogue

    Click on existing CSV in respective section to download it. (You’ll receive an email with CSV Report) Edit the downloaded CSV as per your requirement. (You can add the updated data with the existing one in the same CSV).

  • Upload CSV

    You can simply import the new CSV by drag and drop your file or browse from your system.

  • Check status of CSV

    After uploading CSV, you will receive a CSV Report on your email with the status of complete data which is uploaded or not. True means CSV upload is successful and False means upload is unsuccessful. if it’s false, there will be error message which will be shown with the field containing error

Why is my catalogue not reflecting on the website after it’s uploaded?
Please check the mail which you have recieved after exporting and download the same you will be able to see the error there.

Why are business categories not populating on the website?
This will happen if all business categories are marked as custom order categories and customer order is disabled.

How to add categories?
“Go to Merchant->Catalogue
Here, you can add categories and products.”

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