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Once you add a product to your catalog, it appears in the Product Details section. Labeled Product Details, this section displays the details you entered while adding the Product, as they would appear to customers.

The product name, image, price, description, long description, variants/addon, and inventory details are visible in the Product Details section.

  1. Updating inventory: If you want to update the inventory or variants/addon for specific products, follow these steps:
    1. You can update inventory for particular products with these simple steps:
    2. Click on Products in the left sidebar of the dashboard.
    3. In the Products page, you’ll see a list of categories and products. Click on the category under which the Product you want to update is
    4. Once the product list for the type you selected appears in the middle card, click on the Product you want to update the inventory for
    5. In the last menu of the Products page, the product details will show up
    6. Click on the inventory toggle to switch it on and enter the updated number in the Quantity field
    7. Click on the Save icon to save the updated inventory detail

  2. Updating variants/addon: If you’re offering variants or addon with your product/service, you can edit them by following these steps:
    1. In the Product Details card, click on the Add button located under Variants/Addon.
    2. Enter the variant/addon name in the popup form, select the type (single/multi-select) and click on Next.
    3. In the next popup form, you’ll be able to enter more details about the variant/addon, including type, price, and set a limit on how many variants/addon a customer can select.
    4. Once you’ve filled in the mandatory details (marked with an *), click on Save, and the variant/addon details will be updated.

  3. Updating variants/addon using CSV You can also import variant/addon details using the CSV method. Here’s how:
    1. Click on the blue Import / Export button on the right corner of the Products page.
    2. Click on the AddonAddon tab and download the sample CSV file.
    3. Fill in the required details in the CSV file and save it.
    4. After uploading the CSV, you will receive a CSV Report on your email with the data’s status. If the group is True, the CSV upload is booming, and if the quality is False, an error message will be shown with the field containing the error.

Note:- If you want to update your existing addon using the CSV method, download the existing CSV by clicking on the button next to Sample CSV. Make the required changes on the current CSV file and upload it again.

If you want to update any other product details, click on the vertical ellipse (⋮) next to the product name and select Edit. Make the required changes and click on Save.

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