Upload via CSV

Importing a CSV catalog is a convenient way to update product/service details on the marketplace. If you’re looking for a way to update categories, products, and add-ons with a combined CSV file, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Import / Export button available in the right corner of the Products page
  • In the Import Catalogue page, click on the Combined tab

Download the sample CSV file.

  • The combined CSV file will have fields for categories, products, prices, add-ons, images, and more. Fill in these details and save the file
  • Import the updated CSV file by dragging and dropping it or by uploading it from your system
  • After uploading the CSV you will receive a CSV report on your email, Open that successful CSV report and go to the rightmost column, there you will see the status of the Catalog, if the status is True¬†that means that CSV is Uploaded successfully. If false, then the reason for the same will also be mentioned there.
  • If you want to update existing product details using the CSV method, download the Existing CSV by clicking on the button next to Sample CSV. Make the required changes on the existing CSV file and upload it again

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