Platform Analytics

To access the analytics section in your dashboard, go to the Analytics page under the General subhed. Following are some highlights of the analytics page:

  • Data on orders, revenue, customers and merchants
  • Real-time, trends, and tables
  • Ability to extract reports
  • Filter based on merchants, payment methods and date range
  • Use functions like Moving average, compared with the same day of multiple weeks

The Analytics page classifies data in the following four sections:

  • Real Time: In this tab, you can view live data pertaining to revenue, customers and orders. The Orders & Revenue section has a bar graph with date-wise orders and revenue data. To download real time analytics data, click on the blue buttons and select download. Choose a format according to your preference and the data will be downloaded on your device
  • Orders And Revenue: This tab features sections including Order Status, Monthly Revenue and Orders, Product Sales, and Promo Code Used. To download any of this data, click on the blue buttons in this section and select the download option
  • Engagement: Here, you can view data for User Onboarding Funnel, Registered V/s Transacting Users, Orders per Users, and Daily Active Users
  • Users: In this tab, you can view data for all Customer Registrations, Merchant Registrations, Referred Customers and Referred Customer Details

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