Onboarding by admin

Your online marketplace will be run by an admin, which could be you or someone appointed by you, and managers created by the Admin. To onboard merchants via the Admin, follow these steps

To onboard merchants via the admin, follow these steps
  • Click on the “Merchant” tab on the left corner of the dashboard, under the General category

    The Merchant tab will name according to the type of business you’re running. For instance, the account will be labeled Restaurants for a food delivery business. If you’re having trouble identifying the Merchant tab, please note that it’s the tab below the Orders tab.

  • A new page will open after you click on the Merchant tab.
  • Here, you can enter merchant details in the following two ways:
    1. Click on the blue ADD button available on the right corner. A merchant detail form will popup. Duly fill the form and click on Add.

      Once you submit the form, the Merchant will receive an email to reset their password.

    2. Onboarding through CSV:-
      1. Click on the first icon on the top right corner of the Merchants page.
      2. Download the CSV file template and fill in all the required details.
      3. Upload the CSV file and enter the email you want to receive the CSV report. Click on Upload, and done.

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