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  1. Help Center:

We have introduced Help Center on the HIPPO. You can access this option under the “Chats” menu on the HIPPO dashboard. This feature will empower you to create a knowledge base that can be assessed by your internal team and can be shared with your customers to educate them on anything e.g. processes, FAQs, SLAs, Cost, product features, etc.

As an admin, you can

    • Create collections (article categories)
    • Add new articles
    • Move articles under article categories
    • Publish/Unpublish/Delete articles
    • Generate Help Center URL to share the help center link and individual articles
    • Share the article/help center link over the chat widget
    • Make the Help Center visible to your users on the chat widget
    • Search articles by title
  • Kindly watch the video below to learn more.

For showing the Help center on the chat widget:

    1. Add the articles
    2. Publish the articles
    3. Then under Help Center “Settings” enable the toggle to show on the widget


  1. Retargeting Segments-Engagement Automation

Now you can retarget a segment of users based on user statistics for actions in a campaign e.g read, clicked, opened, etc.

Once a campaign is completed, you can choose to “Retarget” that campaign to a particular set of contacts out of the total contacts that fall under that campaign. These particular contacts can be fetched from the user statistics like Read, Clicked, Opened, etc, and created into a segment. Kindly refer to the screenshots below:

Campaign History Page on the “Instant Campaign” menu screen
Option of “Retarget” on the Campaign Details Page
Actions under User Statistics
Selecting Action Segments for Retargeting
Once you click on the “Create Segment” option in the Retarget dialog box, you will be redirected to the Segment page where you can view and edit Segment details. This particular segment will have a “Retargeted” tag visible corresponding to this Segment in the Segments list.
Segment details page
You view contacts of the segment from the Segment Detail page
Regtargeted Tag on Segment in Segments list
Kindly note Retarget is not applicable to “Live Campaigns” as they are ongoing. They are applicable to historical campaigns only.


  1. Resend Campaigns-Engagement Automation

We have added an option of “Resend” on the campaign page.

Earlier in order to send a campaign with the same content and to the same segment you had to create a new campaign from the start. This option duplicates a campaign for you and you can send it straight away instead of creating a new campaign again. If required you can edit this campaign as per your needs. The Resend campaign will be added as a new campaign in the campaign list.

Kindly refer to the screenshots below:



Kindly note Resend is not applicable to “Live Campaigns” as they are ongoing. They are applicable to historical campaigns only.


  1. Engagement Automation on Shopify

Now you can view and access HIPPO “Chat” and “Engagement Automation” menus on the HIPPO dashboard for Shopify. Earlier only the “Chat” option was accessible.


  1. Agent Mobile Application

Updates on the HIPPO agent mobile application as mentioned below:

    • The mobile application has been updated to the Android 13 OS version
    • The functionality of Ticketing is now accessible on the Agent mobile application


December 2022

  1. Domain verification for email configuration

Now instead of adding an email address and getting emails verified clients can get their domain verified automatically on the HIPPO platform. The benefit of verifying a domain is that you can simply add a username with your domain to send emails to your customers. Earlier admin could configure up to 3 verified emails for email campaigns. With domain verification, this limitation is removed. The delivery rate of sending emails from a verified domain is more instead of a verified email.

The steps to verify the domain are as:

    • Enter the domain you want to verify

    • Log in to your domain provider to set DNS records for your domain.
    • Add CNAME records to your DNS settings as provided in your email configuration section of the automation dashboard:
DNS records to be updated in the client’s domain account DNS settings


  1. HIPPO Chat-Set your default bot

Now you can select a bot and set it as the default bot for your widget. Earlier the first bot that was created was automatically set as the default bot.

To set a bot as default kindly follow the steps below:

    • Got to HIPPO chat dashboard>> Bots
    • Click on a Bot that you want to set as default under “My Hippo Bots”

    • Enable the “Default Bot” toggle to the right-hand side next to “Bot Status” to set this bot as the default bot.
“Default Bot” toggle on a bot page


  1. Engagement Automation

    • Email and push campaign updates

Now you can personalize your email subjects and push campaign titles. We have provided the option to select “User Attributes” in the email subject line and push the campaign title field so that you can add personalization to your campaigns. Kindly refer to the screenshots below:

Option to add “User attributes” in email subject line
Option to add “User attributes” in Push campaign title


    • Recurring/ Scheduled campaigns

Now you can edit images in recurring/scheduled campaigns after being published. Earlier only the description and title could be edited once a campaign was published.

    • Campaign User stats:

We have added the following data to campaign statistics:

      • Email Campaign stats for Open and click for the first 24 hours
      • Email Campaign stats for links click count

  1. Contacts

Now you can import users on the basis of comparison factor. You can change and set a desired comparison between Email, Phone number, and Unique User Key.

November 2022

  1. Campaign ROI (Return on investment):

Through this new update, you can view statistics in terms of:

    • Exact ROI (Return on investment) from the automated campaigns for 2 hours and 12 hours.
    • Other details like total sessions created by the customers, the number of orders, and the value of orders.

We have optimized the push notification flow for better delivery to the customers in the updated Hippo SDK.

  1. Advance analytics reports added:

We have added a new advanced chat details report, in which you will find the chat level details report like:

    • First Response Time
    • Average Response Time
    • Other statistics

Now you can filter and view the ticket statistics corresponding to the groups and agents.

October 2022

  1. Dashboard revamp:

The dashboard has been created from scratch and UI has been made more interactive. It is more engaging, easy to navigate, and faster than ever.

  1. Widget revamp

The UI of the web widget is revamped and improved for an aesthetic look along with new features for the customers.

  1. Seamless plan buying with billing section

A billing section is added and the process of billing has been made much easier. Moreover, differences among the plans are also highlighted on the billing page so that you can make an informed decision about the plan that meets your needs.

  1. Optimization:

    • Web push,
    • User search filter
    • Calling version updated
    • Day on day
    • Week on Week
    • Month on month
    • Custom
    • Web Widget
    • iOS SDK
    • Welcoming them to your platform
    • Targeting abandoned carts (Customers that have at least one item in their shopping carts)
    •  Targeting users at risk (Customers who have placed more than 10 orders and the most recent order was more than 15 days ago)
    • Targeting users about to sleep (Customers who placed their last order 20 days ago)
    • Targeting dormant users (Customers who signed up 30 days ago, but haven’t completed any orders yet)
    • Targeting window shoppers (Customers whose order count is 0 and visited your platform in the last 48 hours.
    • Notifying them of order placement and order delivery.
    • Live campaign builder
    • Facebook integration
    • WhatsApp Chat (Conversational Support).
    • WhatsApp Broadcast (Customer Engagement Automation).
    • Hippo calling optimisation
    • Updated SDK released with optimisation
    • popup campaign improvements
    • Events optimisation
    • Email templates and preview
    • Email unsubscribe issue fixed
    • Live campaign ROI fixes
    • Email builder optimisation
    • Facebook integration optimisation
    • Duplicate contact handled for Email/SMS
    • Popup UI revamp
    • Abandoned cart fixes
    • Live campaign optimisation
    • Customer SDK optimisation
    • WordPress Hippo plugin
    • Widget optimisation

September 2022

  1. New Offering: Hippo ticketing 

The new offering, Ticketing will be soon available on Hippo. There will no more be a need to create manual tickets on ERP. The ticket user creates, will be created and catered to on Hippo itself.

August 2022

  1. Freshdesk Ticketing Integration: 

The Freshdesk Ticketing system is now integrated into the Hippo platform to cater to the needs and queries of their customers from the back end by providing the utmost support.

  1. RFM Analytics Report

You can now track your performance on the RFM. Make informed decisions by comparing data over different timelines:

    • Day on day
    • Week on Week
    • Month on month
    • Custom

July 2022

  1. Recurring campaign:

When setting up a campaign, you will now be able to make it a recurring campaign. Doing this will run the campaign again when the specified criteria are met. It can be done for both instant campaigns and live campaigns.

In the case of scheduled campaigns, you can change prerequisites and rules before the due time.

  1. Web Push:

A new introduction onto the list of channels for more widespread marketing purposes. Now Retarget prospects who have already visited your website and invite them back.

They can increase your reach significantly by targeting every person who visits your website irrespective of the device they use. They don’t even have to be active on your website in order to receive a push notification.

  1. Optimization:

    • iOS SDK

June 2022

  1. Email Templates:

We know your time is precious, so although you get everything you need to create personalised emails from scratch, we will also be providing email templates for various use cases from welcome emails to order confirmation and new offers to feedback.

  1. Live campaign templates:

Templates for various live campaigns have been added as part of the customer journey. You can enable them as such or customize them to make them more personalized and target customers dynamically. Templates created include:

    • Welcoming them to your platform
    • Targeting abandoned carts (Customers that have at least one item in their shopping carts)
    •  Targeting users at risk (Customers who have placed more than 10 orders and the most recent order was more than 15 days ago)
    • Targeting users about to sleep (Customers who placed their last order 20 days ago)
    • Targeting dormant users (Customers who signed up 30 days ago, but haven’t completed any orders yet)
    • Targeting window shoppers (Customers whose order count is 0 and who visited your platform in the last 48 hours.
    • Notifying them of order placement and order delivery.

Live Campaigns now have an all-new look. You will be able to manage them more effectively.

The chat link is used to share chat so that you can configure it. Also, you can use the chatbot if you want to check the default message or pass the tags.

  1. Optimisation:

    • Live campaign builder
    • Facebook integration

May 2022

  1. Hippo-WhatsApp Integration

We have integrated WhatsApp with both of our offerings;

The update is free of cost and can be integrated with your Hippo in less than 5 seconds.

  1. Hippo Marketing Automation for Shopify

Hippo is available as a one-click integration for your Shopify Store. You can now unlock the full potential of Shopify stores and improve your customer engagements by taking a data-driven approach across all touchpoints.

  1. Survey form

You can now create a survey form on the dashboard and send it along with your campaigns and ask prospects for a signup, customers for feedback, etc., and provide them with discounts/vouchers for their valuable time.

April 2022

  1. FreshWork Integration

If you have Freshworks CRM, you can integrate it with Hippo. You can create leads on chat and push them to Freshworks or move customers through the pipeline.

  1. Stop ongoing popup

Now you can stop an ongoing pop-up campaign anytime you want.

  1. Sync button in ‘instant campaign’

A sync button has been added to the ‘instant campaign’ so that you can refresh data.

  1. Event count filter

  2. Sharable pages

You can copy any email template or page created on the email builder by clicking on ‘copy link preview’.

  1. Optimisation:

    • Popup campaign improvements
    • Events optimisation
    • Email templates and preview

March 2022

  1. Dove-soft SMS gateway

Hippo now offers Dove-soft SMS providers along with Twilio, Plivo, Ezagel, Unifonic and Bue.

  1. Adding BOT to chat

Now you can enable the bot to any ongoing chat and the bot can take over.

  1. Tags for support & WhatsApp 

Tags can be added while proving support or with WhatsApp campaigns.

  1. Event-based filter

Events can be filtered based on two factors. First, one is the visited URL of the customer and the second one is of completing the order.

  1. GIF support in the popup campaign

Use the most popular media, GIFs in your popup campaigns. Use memes, animations, and a lot more to engage with your customers.

  1. Image in WhatsApp

Add images to your WhatsApp campaigns and make them more interesting (Twilio Supported).

  1. Optimisation:

    • The email unsubscribe issue fixed

    • Live campaign ROI fixes
    • Email builder optimization
    • Facebook integration optimization

February 2022

  1. Live Campaign ROI

Now you can see the overall conversion rate and live campaigns in two timeframes: 2hr and 12 hr.

  1. Action callback button option in BOT

The chatbot can now direct your customers to the concerned team based on pre-saved questions/options and customers’ responses to those.

  1. White-labelled email

Now you can directly white-label your emails from the Hippo dashboard.

  1. Personalisation in the campaign

You can now use attributes like the name, phone no. or email id of customers while creating campaigns. This will provide them with a personalised message having their personal information.

  1. Search in segments and live campaigns

Search option is now available on segments as well as live campaigns for you to save time and energy.

  1. Optimisation:

    • Duplicate contact handled for Email/SMS
    • Popup UI revamp
    • Abandoned cart fixes
    • Live campaign optimisation
    • Customer SDK optimisation

January 2022

A new channel for better engagement has been added. You can use pop-ups for instant campaigns as well as live campaigns and show your customers content on priority.

You can customize the popup template with your own branding and have them active in a few minutes with actionable buttons. A few use cases of this functionality is to prompt onboarded users with welcome messages, explain to them a new functionality, Send offers, announce critical updates, ask for rating and many more.

  1. Edit options in ‘Scheduled campaigns’

If you have scheduled a campaign and you want to edit the date or content, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can now edit the campaign anytime after it’s scheduled and before due time.

  1. Advanced stats for push notifications

  2. Attachments and CC options in the Email Campaign

You can now CC anyone in the emails you send. Attachments can also be added along with the emails whether they are in template or text in the form of images, pdf, CSVs, etc.

  1. VideoSDK

Now you can schedule conference calls and provide customers demonstrations about various offerings.

  1. Optimisation

    • WordPress Hippo plugin
    • Widget optimisation


December 2021

  1. WhatsApp Widget

Now a WhatsApp widget can be enabled on your website or app along with or in place of your chat support and communicate to your customers on their most preferred channel.

  1. RFM Analysis

RFM tracker is added to Hippo for better segmentation and targeting. It enables you to understand your customers’ buying behavior and lifetime value.

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