Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing

Tookan offers yet another amazing feature that will simplify your task assignment process and help you categorize your fleet in a more geo- efficient way.

To enable geo-fencing go to Menu > Settings > Geo Fence. Geo fencing allows for categorizing your agents based on regions/zones. Draw your own area over the map and assign agent(s) to that region.

When creating a task, (if you have auto-assign active and you have also created at least one region), then a Geo Fence check box is visible, that allows for dispatching the task with the geo-fence-filter as ON. Tookan automatically detects which region(s) the task lies in, and filters the available agents for auto assignment who are authorized for those regions.

This feature solves the zoning, licensing issues that many service providers face when their agents are not authorized outside a defined zone. It also helps if you want to limit the tasks that are being sent to the agents’ limited zone wise.

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