Hourly Earning in Tookan

Hourly Earning in Tookan : Introducing the new feature in Tookan,

therefore this would help you to configure rules for agents on hour base

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Hourly earning in tookan :

Allows you to track your agent’s Hourly Earnings with configurable rule settings.

Once activated the Hourly Earning tab will be displayed in the Settings section on Dashboard as well as Earning tab in Agent App.

Thus You can set different Hourly Earning Rates on the basis of teams, fleets, days, and timings.

hourly earning in tookan

Steps to activate the extension in your tookan:

  1. firstly Activate Agent Hourly Earning add-on from Tookan Extensions
    2.Go to- Dashboard > Settings > Hourly Earning -> Add a rule.
    3.While creating a rule, you can select Entities to Apply Rule for – Multiple Fleets, Multiple Teams or for All Fleets
    4.While adding slots, a pop-up box opens up for selecting the days, duration and associated Hourly Earning Rates
    5.Enter the values in the fields and save it.
    6. finally On the Agent app,
  2. The Hourly Earnings can be seen separately in the weekly chart on the earnings tab.
    thus Your Hourly Earning Rule is configured.
  3. in conclusion, its Quick and Easy to set Hourly Earning Rates associated with Flexible timeslots
  4. you can Choose Rule Type amongst Fleet Level, Team Level or for All Fleets

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