How to generate OTP and validate identity?

How to generate OTP and validate identity?

How to generate OTP and validate identity so that the Correct agent is performing the correct task?

To enable this,

  • Firstly, go to Tookan side menu
  • Click on extensions> search for validate identity (OTP)
  • Click on Activate.

Validate Identity (OTP)

Helps you verify the authenticity of your agent while performing a particular task. In simple words it helps you to validate that correct agent is performing the correct task.

How to generate OTP and validate identity?

How It Works

1. When your Customer creates the task an OTP will be sent to Customer mobile number

2. Now Customer has to share this OTP with Agent to start the task

3. Customer can also check his OTP in Task screens.


  • OTP verification : Agent must enter OTP to start the task.
  • Customer can easily check OTP on task screen
  • If missed, one can check it from task history.

    Steps :
  • Once you activate the extension, go to the Tookan dashboard
  • Create a task , for example : A pickup and delivery task.
  • When you click on the pickup/delivery button, it expands with detail fields.
  • Add details like Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Order ID, Address, Time and Description.
  • You could also upload a reference image and select a suitable template.
  • You could also add multiple pickup/delivery points by clicking on Add Another Point.
  • Lastly click on create task.
  • Once the task is created, the customer will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • After the task is assigned to an agent, to validate that the correct agent is performing the correct task, the agent has to start the task, and before marking the task successful the agent has to enter the OTP that has been sent to the customer.
  • once the OTP is verified the agent can mark the task as successful.

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