How to integrate Square POS with Tookan?

Square Point of Sale is the POS system ready for whatever you set your sights on. With Square, you can build a POS that makes running your business easier. 

So, sell in-person, online, over the phone, or out in the field. Track customer preferences and feedback with every sale. 

Use your POS’s built-in sales and inventory reports to see how your business is doing. 

Above all, everything is integrated into your POS for a stress-free experience. It’s free to use, and no contracts, fine print, or manuals are required.

The Tookan integration with Square POS streamlines the end-to-end ordering and delivery operations. 

Therefore, you can automatically send Square POS orders to your Tookan account directly and start dispatching, tracking, and managing the deliveries to be fulfilled out in the field!

The integration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Here’s a step by step guide to Integrate Square POS with Tookan:


Go to the extension section of Tookan, then search for Square POS and click on Activate. After activating kindly fill in the details.

Tookan integration with Square POS
  1. TIMEZONE: Retrieve from
  2. PICK_BUFFER: Buffer time in minutes to pick your order. 
  3. DROP_BUFFER: Buffer time in minutes to drop your order.
  4. GEOFENCE: Enable this toggle, if you’re willing to apply Geofence on Tookan i.e. Tasks are aligned to the Agents according to their Geofence.
  5. AUTO-ASSIGNMENT: By enabling this, you can use the auto allocation algorithm configured on Tookan for the jobs.


Once you fill in all the details click on Authorize, It will redirect you to the Square POS login page. Please login using your credentials

Tookan integration with Square POS

So, After filling in login details you will see that your account is successfully authorized with Tookan. 

Viola! You are good to go. Now your POS is successfully integrated with TOOKAN to streamline smart delivery management.


To conclude, Integrating Tookan and Square POS is super easy and requires no complex coding. You can integrate it hassle-free with Tookan that will support you and your business needs.

Also refer to the video below for better understanding.

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