How to signup for Tookan

How to signup for Tookan

How to signup for Tookan: Want to create an account on Tookan? Free trial in Tookan is available. You can checkout out the features and all the functionalities available in the 14 day trial period.

When your trial expires, upgrade to any one of our plans from the Billing section of your Tookan account.

Creating an account on Tookan is easy and requires no no complex procedures.

Just go to the Jungleworks Tookan website

How to signup for Tookan

Click on Free signup

Enter the details

click on signup

Once this is done, a verification link will be sent to the email ID provided.

Once it is verified, you can use your credentials to log in to your Tookan account.

Checkout the video for better understanding.

You can checkout our Tookan onboarding guide. This guide will help to understand the following.

Step 1: Onboarding agents

The first step in Tookan Onboarding Guide is adding Agents. certainly Agents are the delivery person who will be doing the pickup and delivery from one location to another.
to enumerate, there are 3 ways to onboard drivers on the platform-

1. firstly Adding agents one by one on the platform 

For this Goto side menu > agents
On the top right corner, you will see an option “Add Agent”
Click on that and consequently the template will open to enter agent information

1. firstly, First name – Name of Agent
2. secondly, Phone – Phone number of agent
3. Username – This will the login details of the agent to access the app
4. Password – This will be a password using which agent can log in on the app
5. Tags – Tags are basically used to link an agent with a particular team or with a particular type of task. For this, the team or task should have the same tag as that of the agent.
6. Teams – You can use Teams to group a number of agents together and classify drivers based on parameters like location, zones, distance, etc.
7. Agent Type – There are 2 types of agents on Tookan
8. Captive – These agents are full-time agents on the platform

9. lastly Freelancer – These are part-time agents on the platform.

Email and username should be unique
All mandatory fields should be filled

Video –

2. secondly Adding agents using CSV through bulk import

most importantly This option in tookan is helpful in logistics onboarding when you have a large number of agents to be added to the platform so instead of adding one by one we can enter all the information in a CSV file and upload the file. in conclusion , this helps in bulk importing.

firstly Go to Side Menu >agents
On the top right corner you will find an option to “Import Agent”
secondly Click on Import Agent
Click on the option ‘Download Sample CSV’
This will download the CSV file wherein you have to add information about the agents

lastly After saving the file drag and drop the CSV file on Tookan

Email and username should be unique
Fill all mandatory fields
however Don’t change the Header in the file

3. Agent signup directly through agent app

most importantly The Signup option on the agent app will allow the agents to register themselves directly on Tookan.
to clarify , Agent Signup option is only available on the agent app if the agent app is branded or white-labeled.
therefore To enable this option firstly goto Extensions> Agent Sign-up> Enable

in addition , You can add custom templates for your sign up forms which agent needs to fill in before they can enter the agent app. however Admin can reject, accept or review his agents before they enter your app on the basis of the information filled in by them.

therefore To create a custom template
firstly Goto Settings> Template> Create custom.
Add the required fields you want the agents to fill while they signup and save it.
lastly, Go to Settings> Agent App> Agent Signup> Select the created template and Save.

The second step in tookan onboarding guide is to Create Tasks

for more information click here.

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