How to Integrate Plivo with Tookan?

Integrate Plivo with Tookan : Do you want to integrate an SMS & Voice API’s with Tookan to facilitate your customers better? Tookan allows you to integrate SMS & Voice API’s with Tookan to help you overcome commonly faced challenges in the on-demand world.

Tookan allows you to integrate with various SMS gateways including Twilio, Plivo, 2 Factor, Gupshup, Exotel, Smart SMS gateway, Hubtel, Mobivate, Infobip, and many more to help you simplify communication in daily operations.

In this article, we’ll give you a complete run-through to integrate Tookan with Plivo.

Before you begin please make sure you have an active account with both Tookan and Plivo

Step 1: Make an account with Plivo

2: Once you successfully make an account with Plivo, you will get your registered Phone Number, AuthToken and Auth ID. Save them for later use

3: Go to Tookan extension and activate Plivo. Once you click on activate you will be redirected to your Tookan dashboard

4: From Tookan dashboard go to Menu from top-left corner and go to settings under it

5: Under settings go to SMS

6: From the options in selection bar select “Use personal SMS gateway account”

7: From the options listed below select Plivo

8: Enter Phone Number, Auth ID and AuthToken you saved after creating an account with Plivo

9: Click on save to update the SMS gateway in your account

10: Test the integration with SMS gateway by sending text messages to your service provides and dummy customers

11: If your agents and customers are successfully getting messages congratulations, your integration is successfully completed. If you encounter any errors please feel free to reach out our chat support.

Wrapping Up

in conclusion Integrating Plivo with Tookan is super easy and requires no complex coding. You can integrate an SMS account hassle-free to facilitate better and efficient communication for your agents and customers.

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