1. “Not able to get a trial phone number in my Twilio account even though I signed up and upgraded my account”

You may face this issue in Twilio because Twilio Compliance has temporarily restricted your account from provisioning new long-code phone numbers. This restriction may be imposed because of suspicious account activity or behavior that may violate Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy or Messaging Policy. 

If you encounter this error, please reach out to to request to have this restriction lifted from your account.

For more information, kindly refer to these links:

2. Can trial numbers work while configuring Twilio in Tookan?

Yes. For configuring the Twilio SMS gateway in Tookan we need three things-phone number, auth token, and account SID, all these should be correct and mapped to the correct number whether on a trial or upgraded Twilio account.

1. How to get a phone number on Twilio?

Kindly refer to this link:

2. How do I get a Twilio account or sign up for a trial to get the auth key and account SID?,or%20using%20the%20API%20directly.

3. Some more Twilio error codes:

4. Support articles here:

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