Order Tracking Web-Link

Order Tracking Web-Link

Order Tracking Web-Link

When the agent taps “Start a Task” on the mobile app, a notification in the form of SMS and email (if captured) is sent to the customer associated with the task. The message also contains a tracking link which allows the customer to view the real-time location on the map and the ETA of the agent.

Below is the sample message. Modify the content and use tags (variables) to create the message unique to your business.

Once the customer clicks on the link, it opens in the mobile web browser. Customer can call or message the agent with just a single tap.

Feedback From Customer

Once the task is complete, the same tracking link converts into a feedback page. The customer also receives an SMS and email with a link, asking for the feedback. The customer can rate their experience with a star rating and also leave a comment.

Below is the sample SMS:

Hi Susan. Your order was successfully delivered at 11 am. Please help us improve our service by rating your delivery experience https://jungleworks.com/tookan/

Average Ratings of Agents on Tookan can be configured from the dashboard. Just click on the repective agent’s profile whose rating you want to see.

Average Ratings of Agents on Tookan

You can view the ratings using the path mentioned below :

1) Dashboard > Click on agent > More Info > You can see rating

2) Side menu > Driver > Filter on top right . Enable Rating Column

The customers can rate the agents once task is completed by the agents. The tracking link which is sent to the customer through email or sms converts to the feedback link.

To check the history of the task assigned to the agent, you can go to task pane in the map view or go to list view and just click on the task id.

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