Business types in Tookan

Tookan supports three business types to best meet your needs.

  • Pickup and Delivery is ideal for those providing on-demand services, such as food delivery, courier services, laundry services, grocery delivery, and alcohol delivery.
  • Appointment is great for businesses offering at-home or office services, like makeup artists, wedding stylists, house repair services, massage therapists, and auto repair services.
  • Field workforce helps manage on-street customer acquisition teams, like field marketing, product demos, customer acquisition/development, target marketing/sales, and market research/surveys.

When you choose a business type, your dashboard and agent mobile application will be updated accordingly. To set a business type, head to the Side Menu in your Tookan account and click on Settings>Preferences. Click and set your business type.

Kindly watch this video to learn more.

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