How Can I add roles and permissions in Tookan || Access Control

Adding Roles from Access control

Access Control in Tookan helps you define roles with permissions as per your requirement. For a manager’s role, these permissions can be related to tasks, agents, customers, teams, and settings. So one can give permissions to his manager to add or delete a task/agent/customer/team depending on his requirement. Similarly in Agent ACL, one can give access to his agents to add/edit a task or edit his work schedule.

Admin can create a number of roles with a set of permissions in Access Control List (ACL) . Further, while adding a manager/agent, he can simply assign a role to that particular manager/agent.

To define roles with permissions go to Menu > Settings > Access Control


Task Permissions

Profile Permissions

Agent Schedule Permissions


Task Permissions

Agent Permissions

Customer Permissions

Teams Permissions

Settings Permissions

How to add a Manager

The manager will be the person who the you(admin) can appoint to manage the operations.
MANAGER will have limited access and not all the access similar to admin. hence You (Admin) can monitor what access he/she wants to give to his/her managers. Before creating a Manager the Admin would require to create a role for the manager

Steps to create a Role for the manager :

– Firstly Go to Settings > Access Control
– secondly Select Manager from the drop-down menu in the black bar
– Click Add Role
– therefore You can give the desired permissions to the manager, consequently He will only be able to perform the actions you give him permission for)
– lastly Save

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