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 Q: Does Tookan Works With My POS & E-Commerce System?

A: Sure! You can integrate your Tookan account with multiple other platforms. Efficient integration of Tookan with multiple other platforms, makes your business operations buttery smooth. Thus Your customers can easily place orders from online menu, created as ready-to-assign tasks on Tookan.

 Q: Task Assignment Is Not Working. What Could Be The Possible Reasons?

A: There can be multiple reasons as follows:

1.Firstly Agent wallet balance is exhausted,

2.secondly agent is off duty, allocation key is set to zero,

4.agent is occupied by the old task,

5.agent schedule is off,

6. limit is set on the number of tasks done by the agent and out of the geofence area.

 Q: How Can We Show “Tip” To The Agents In The Task Notification?

A: for the same please go to settings -> template -> edit template -> add the tip field or if you want to show it in agent app notification , the go to in app notification section under template and select the field as tip which you want to display in the agent app notification

 Q: The Pricing Should Be Estimated Based Upon Distance Between Pickup & Delivery. How Can This Be Done?

A: for the same you need to enable agent earning and pricing template extension , after enabling please go to settings > templates > edit template > configure the rule as per your requirement > and select pickup and delivery in the path calculation parameter

 Q: I Don’t Want My Agents To Decline The Task. How Do I Make Sure That They Can Not Reject A Task I Have Assigned Them?

A: for the same please go to your tookan dashboard > settings > agent app > there is option to select the acknowledgement type > you can select the required acknowledgement type.

 Q: SMS Is Enabled In Notification. But SMS Are Not Being Sent. What Could Be The Issue?

A: Balance for the SMS medium platform could be exhausted or details of SMS providers are not set in the Tookan dashboard.

 Q: How Can I Have Different Pricing For Different Tasks?

A: You have to create different templates for different pricing.

Once the template is created, you can add the template while creating a new task, thus providing you additional fields.

These custom fields are shared with your agents/ drivers in the app, providing them the additional info as required.

App Side Display: In the app side display drop down you can either select Read Only/Allow Agent Input. If you choose to Allow agent Input as per your needs, you can also make the particular field mandatory, agents will need to fill the field it in order to complete a task.

Input Type: Each field has it’s own input type, you can select it to number, text, image, date or dropdown.

  •  Number option allows the input of only numbers.
  •  Text option allows the input of any character or numbers.
  •  Image option allows the input of an image.
  •  Date option allows to select a date from the calendar.
  •  Dropdown allows the input of multiple values separated by commas.

 Q: How Do I Integrate Gloria Food With Tookan?

A: Follow the steps mentioned on:

admin queries . gloria foods

 Q: I Am Creating Tasks For Future Dates And Want The Tasks To Be Assigned 30 Min Before The Task Time. How Can I Do It?

for the same please go to settings > auto-allocation > we have auto-allocation algorithms named , batch wise , round robin , send to all , one by one , fifo , which allows to set the time before which the auto-allocation can run

 Q: Where Can I Find My Bumbl Keys?

A: With Bumbl, you can setup a cross-channel campaign that seamlessly communicates with your customer across the web, mobile and email.
Setup rules and triggers to automatically shoot send personalized communication that drives your customers towards the next step in the buying process. to find bumbl keys go to Settings > SMS > Select Bumbl from drop down > Go to Bumbl dashboard > API > Generate Key

 Q: How Can I See The Average Rating Of My Agents?

A: There are two ways to see the ratings:

1) Dashboard > Click on agent > More Info > You can see rating

2) Side menu > Driver > Filter on top right . Enable Rating Column

 Q: I Have A Customer App Which Is Integrated With Tookan Via API. How Can I Show Live Order Tracking In My Customer App?

A: 1) By integrating SDK’s for order tracking
2) By integrating tracking link in customer app

 Q: Client’s Agent Wallet Is Reflecting Balance In Minus. What Could Be The Possible Reasons?

A: Possible Reasons:
1) Client must have selected Debit from wallet in agent wallet configuration
2) Pricing of task is more than agent wallet balance.

 Q: While Attempting To Upload CSV For A Bulk Task, Getting Notification For Not Authorised To Perform This Action. Why Is That Happening?

A: Possible reasons:
1) Firstly CSV is not uploaded in right or correct format. If not supported with google sheet then this error might come up.
2) Secondly Using CSV of PND flow in appointment flow
3) Apart from admin if manager and merchant are attempting to create task without the permission

 Q: Can I Change My Registered Email ID?

A: yes , For the same please go to your tookan dashboard,

settings > profile > change the required email id

 Q: What Is The Purpose Of Clustering On Map?

A: 1) To view bulk tasks at once on map
2) To speed up the map

 Q: How Can I Add Credits To Bumbl?

A: Settings > SMS > Select Bumbl from drop down > Go to Bumbl dashboard > Home > Payment section > Add Credits

 Q: How Do I Integrate Stripe Connect With Tookan?

Stripe Connect allows you to make automatic payments of the Agents Earning. You can also schedule the payments.
1. Firstly Activate Stripe Connect add-on from Tookan Extensions.
2. Secondly Configure by entering the keys required.
3. Once you configure this, the agents can register on Stripe Connect by entering their bank account details in the Agent app.
4. Set the earning rule for your agents after activating the Agent Earning & Customer Pricing add-on.
5. The earning will transfer to the agent’s bank account by Stripe.
6. Admin can view the transaction history in Stripe History tab in Settings. Agents can view their transaction history in Stripe Connect tab in Agent App.
Therefore Once you will enable stripe connect then once the payment will deduct from the customer’s account, complete payment will be transferred to the admin’s account.

Once the agent will mark the task as successful then earning/commission will be transferred from the admin account to the agent’s account

 Q: How Can I Enable Auto Allocation At Team Level? Can Managers Change The Allocation Method By Themselves?

A: Step 1: Firstly go to Settings > Preferences > Enable Auto Allocation at Team Level
Step 2: Settings > Auto-Allocation > Select Team from drop down . If managers have permission from Access Control then they can .

 Q: How Can I Add More Agents On My Platform?

A: agents can be added from dashboard or agent sign up in case of branded agent application

1. Adding agents one by one on the platform 

Firstly Goto side menu > agents
On the top right corner you will see an option “Add Agent”
Click on that and consequently the template will open to enter agent information

2. Adding agents using CSV through bulk import

This option is helpful when you have a large number of agents to be added to the platform so instead of adding one by one we can enter all the information in a CSV file and upload the file.

firstly Goto Side Menu >agents
On the top right corner you will find an option to “Import Agent”
Click on Import Agent
Click on the option ‘Download Sample CSV’
thus This will download the CSV file wherein you have to add information about the agents

3. Agent signup directly through agent app

nost importantly The Signup option on the agent app will allow the agents to register themselves directly on Tookan.
however Agent Signup option is only available on the agent app if the agent app is branded or white-labeled.
To enable this option firstly

goto Extensions> Agent Sign-up> Enable

You can add custom templates for your sign up forms which agent needs to fill in before they can enter the agent app. however Admin can reject, accept or review his agents before they enter your app, on the basis of the information filled in by them.

To create a custom template

Go to Settings> Template> Create custom.
Add the required fields you want the agents to fill while they signup and save it.
Now, Go to Settings> Agent App> Agent Signup> Select the created template and Save.

Admin queries

 Q: Is Tookan Mulitilingual?

A: Yes, Currently we support more than 20 languages including english, arabic, french and many more.

Yes, Tookan is multilingual as Currently we support more then 20 languages including english, arabic, french and many more.

Multilingual Platform

Tookan’s Agent Mobile app offers you with multiple languages hence it is multilingual

So, You can change the language by going to Menu > Settings > Language.
Therefore Select the language you want to use after that restart the app then wait so that the new language setting to take effect.

 Q: How To Use Merchant ACL?

A: Merchant ACL lets you define roles for Merchants. While defining roles, you can permit creating, updating, and deleting tasks to Merchants

To read more, visit:

To see video, visit:

 Q: Can I Get A Free Trial In Tookan

A: Yes, Tookan offers 14-day free trial

 Q: Can I Import Bulk Tasks From A CSV Sheet?

A: Yes, Tookan allows you to upload bulk tasks at once.Read more about bulk task import here

 Q:Why Can’t I Assign Tasks To My Agents?

A: There could be multiple reason in failing of task assignment. Firstly Please check the source of task creation (Manually/Customer App, Tookan Form, API, Some Other Platform)

  • Secondly Please confirm weather the agent is on duty or not
  • furthermore, Agent has completed the last task assigned, hence not recieving more tasks.
  • Agent working schedule is different from that of task start timing
  • Tags chosen while task creation is different
  • Agent does not fall under the Auto-allocation chosen
  • Finally If you still fail to figure out the reason for task assignment failure please contact out chat support.

 Q: Why Can’t My Managers See The Tasks Created On Dashboard

A: There could be multiple reason that your manager in unable to see tasks on dashboard. Please check the source of task creation (Manually/Customer App, Tookan Form, API, Some Other Platform)

  • secondly Please double-check the team selected while task creation
  • Confirm the form selection for your manager for task creation under Menu > settings > Manager > Edit > Form

 Q: Why Can’t I Upload A CSV File

A: There can be various reasons for failing a CSV upload

  • Firstly Cross-check the file format you are trying to upload. Tookan accepts .CSV file, change the file format and try uploading it in .csv extension
  • Headers in the sample file and your file should be same. Do not change them to successfully upload your CSV file
  • Check the Agent ID used in your CSV file. Any mis-match will lead to failure of CSV upload
  • Date and Time Format in your CSV file in incorrect

 Q: How Can I Set My Timezone?

A: Tookan doesn’t allow you to set your own Timezone. Therefore It depends on the location of task creation.

Tookan doesn’t allow you to set your own Timezone. It depends on the location of task creation.

For setting timezone in Tookan when you are creating tasks via API, send the value of time zone by checking the time zone of your region. To do so click on the below mentioned link 

When you are creating the tasks through dashboard, the basic login / logout sets the time zone of the system and the value of task creation time automatically aligns with it.

 Q: How Does Tookan Cater To Different Timezones?

A: In Dashboard
When you create a task from Tookan Dashboard the local time zone from where you create the task is considered.
for example : Let’s say a task is created in Singapore, the time zone considered is GMT +8hrs.

In Bulk Upload
In the case of bulk upload of tasks, the time zone of the admin account is taken into consideration while tasks are created.
For example : Let’s say an admin in the US(say A for convenience) has created a manager(say M) in India. Therefore When this manager(M) creates tasks using the bulk upload the timezone of Admin(A) and tasks are created in US TimeZone.

Using Tookan API
Tookan API accepts a request body parameter named “timezone” which is the Timezone difference with UTC in minutes. Therefore When you create a task is with local time(say X), and timezone(+Y). Y minutes are added to X to make it UTC time.

How to get the Timezone difference with UTC in minutes? Let’s say for example I am creating a task in India’s time which is five and half hours ahead of UTC time (+05:30), convert five and half hours into minutes i.e 330 minutes. Since India’s time is ahead of UTC time to convert it into UTC time 330 minutes has to be subtracted from it. Therefore , timezone is -330.

 Q: Why Can’t I Add Managers On My Platform?

A: Please check the roles added under Menu > Settings > ACL > Select the Manager from the dropdown (top) > Add role. Now try adding a new manager .

 Q: Why Is My Agent Failing To Edit A Field Present In Template

A: checkout the permission given to agent , go to settings> template > the data type and permission for that field label needs to be checked if it is only read only field , or agent can read / write ).

admin queries , template

 Q: Can I Create Zones With Fixed Delivery Pricing?

A: Yes, you can set task pricing based on different geofences. You can configure it under agent and pricing rule.

 Q: How Can I Set The Agent Earnings?

A: You can set the agent earning & pricing rule. to clarify, you can do this

by activating extension agent earning & pricing > settings > Template > select template > edit > Add task pricing and agent earning rule. Additionally You can also configure base distance fare and extra fare per unit by going to templates.

 Q: Why Can’t I See My Agents On The Map?

A: To see the agents on map please make sure you are on map view of dahsboard. to clarify , In list view you can’t see real-time tracking of your agents.

 Q: Why My Agents Can’t See The Tasks I Have Just Dispatched To Them?

A: Please ask your agent to cross-check the filter and date he has selected in Tookan agent app.

 Q: How Can I Change My Auto Allocation Algorithm?

A: You easily change your auto-allocation algorithm, to clarify go to Menu > Settings > Auto-Allocation. therefore To read more about auto-allocation and their working please click here

 Q: How Many Agents Can I Create?

A: You can add unlimited agents. thus We don’t have any limit on number of agents on your platform

Q: Tookan Whitelabelled Booking Form Import Not working and showing error message. what could be the reason?

Flightmap token is invalid or domain is not whitelisted.

This can be fixed by adding the booking form URL in the Restrictions popup as referrals in the web referers under application restrictions in FM>API Section.

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